Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Botanic Garden was full of Masked Tyrants

Dear Reader,

January seems to be the time when a lot of lazy bloggers re-visit their dusty old pages. I suppose it's similar to the gyms being packed full for the first month of the year.

Whilst I am writing my come-back blog, I will not be heading to the gym this month. I am on holiday. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this blog is coming to you from the city of Buenos Aires!

You may be wondering why I'm writing a blog whilst on holiday. I wanted to see if I could (iPad does let me, but photos are a bit trickier, so sadly these shall be omitted from this post).

Also the heat has meant that the day only really starts at 5pm. The sun sets at about 8.30pm, so there is still plenty of time for seeing the sights at dusk. So I have a half day of relaxing in my apartment today.

I really love it here, and have so far visited various landmarks, the colourful museum of Latin-American art, the botanic garden (a Masked Tyrant is a type of bird, common to this part of the world).

This time last year I was having my toes nibbled by some wriggly little fish off Khao San Road in Bangkok. I visited an amazing koi-infested Japanese garden a few days ago, where I was give my pedicure by a wheezy and pecky Muscovy duck named Alfonso. I don't rate Alfonso's foot treatment very highly.

I have tried the local drink, Maté, which is very much like extremely strong green tea, which is drunk through a metal straw. Being a fan of green tea, I really enjoyed this drink.

I really like the old-world and European feel to this city. The heat is usually offset by a nice breeze, the people are really friendly. The architecture is fantastic. I hope to have a lot more to report (maybe some photos too) in my next post.


**Date for the diary**
I hope to encourage lots of tweeters and bloggers to an Extra-Special Re-Launch Tweet-up Party at:

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SUNDAY 18th of MARCH 2012
From 11am till 5.30pm

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More to be announced!


Ms B said...

You'll probably provide your own cakes this time!

Diana Studer said...

anyone home?