Thursday, August 20, 2009

London Open Gardens

 I visited Victoria's backyard on Monday, and what a huge surprise it was! As with many London gardens, there is an issue with light, what with buildings, fences and large trees. However, this garden is beautifully put together, which doesn't come across in any photos. 

The planting is very well thought out, with an unique and well though out colour scheme which really lifts the entire scheme. That Phormium really is massive! You must see it all for yourself. Victoria's garden is open on Sunday 30th of August for the National Garden Scheme (details here).

Another private London garden (with yet another owner that has a  penchant for the exotic..), flings its doors open on Sunday the 6th of September. It's not letting me direct link, so enter "Ferndown" into the garden name search on the link. Dave's garden is located in Northwood Hills (near Ruislip), and as a New Zealander, has created a little exotic paradise. I first visited a few years ago, these photos are from last year.

The main view as you walk into the garden.

A bit further into the garden...

Dave stands in to give a sense of scale for the hardy Colocasia.

The platform houses a number of palms and bromeliads. The hanging baskets are well-appointed, carved tree fern logs!

The arid bed is a jungley confection of palms, yuccas, cacti, succulents and other oddities.

The planting is quite dense!

The garden is planted using a shoehorn, every nook and crevice is planted with great attention. The shady bit under the palms and bananas contains a super collection of lush foliage plants, both hardy and tender.

I know that the Open Gardens involve a great deal of work, time and effort by their owners. Please visit, and enjoy, knowing that you are helping a good cause.